Friday, June 15, 2007

What we need is Love Crime Legislation NOW!

Important Hate Crime legislation is pending but what about Love Crime legislation--not even on the table. Haven't you ever heard the statement, he deserves a stiff beating. Normally, assault could engender a year in jail, but if someone deserves it and you have the love in your heart to administer it, shouldn't there be less punishment all the way up to a reward? Before we begin, it should be noted that present Hate Crime Legislation is flawed. It was pointed out quite correctly that when Govenor Bush tried to contend that the death penalty was enough punishment for a hate crime, it was like the murder had occurred all over again.. We are learning that the US Constitution supports torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and well worth the effort to determine what will bring the most pain such as being forced to watch reruns of Jerry Springer or Oprah, the lame ending of the Sopranos, or Geico Caveman commercials.

It was Socrates, about 2400 years ago (Hammurabi's Code 1700 BC, the Old Testament, etc did not mention this concept) who proposed using the Love Crime legislation as a basis for sentencing. At his sentencing after being convicted of corrupting the youth, Socrates accusers proposed the death penalty. Socrates, using the love crime concept, proposed that he be rewarded. At that time, some of the unenlightened jury were infuriated and they voted for death, but of course in our enlightened age with all our wisdom and knowledge I am certain that a majority will support love crime legislation and most likely it has not passed because of an oversight.


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TAZ's World said...

They pass "Love Crime" legislation against Gays and Lesbians but not "Hate Crimes" against them.