Monday, June 18, 2007

How do you identify the worst military unit in the US Army?

As we consider this question, we see that worst place is not occupied when it is readily apparent. For instance. Having members in the unit who actively kill others makes a unit bad. If a soldier begins shooting others (possibly some other bad soldiers) then after that soldier is removed, the unit gets better. The real problematic situation is when a unit has soldiers that get others killed (in a variety of ways, arrogance, stupidity, negligence). In this case, these soldiers are not always removed and the continue to make the unit bad. A good way to not identify bad soldiers is after people are killed you have the unit self evaluate. For instance, after a bunch of soldiers were wounded, the after action critique the unit held said that it did not matter if radios worked. Obviously they didn't invite a SEAL team to the critique because everyone of them are wired in and if their "comms" go down, they are concerned(I digress since I am not talking about the best military units)

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